Advocating to Advance Pedestrian and Traffic Safety


In February of 2020, the Federal Communications Commission (“FCC”) proposed reallocating radio spectrum currently designated for transportation safety applications.  sibrtech inc. submitted a filing urging the Commission to preserve this spectrum for traffic safety applications.  Our work in AI-based edge computing for transportation safety applications convinces us that the time is right.  This field is ready for the transportation sector to take rapid advantage of this spectrum to advance pedestrian and traffic safety. The technology is affordable, has unprecedented capabilities to provide real-time pedestrian and traffic analysis and safety information, and can be rolled out with minimum infrastructure requirements.  But to advance safety, sufficient spectrum is necessary to communicate safety messages from roadside devices to vehicles.  When the Commission worked with the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration to allocate the spectrum for transportation safety, it advanced a long-term strategy to help save lives and protect property. Now, more than ever, it is important that the Commission continue its well-planned long-term strategy for this spectrum.  The link on this page takes you to our filing.


sibrtech’s filing with the FCC